My Mom’s Motorcycle.

Such a great short film, loved every bit of it.


Where vulnerability hits the cold and hard dance floor, emotions running high. Every effort and muscle trained, to be worthy of the stage.


It’s important to dream dreams, because that’s what wakes you up in the morning.
That’s what gets you get out of bed.
That’s what makes you walk the one foot in front of the other, and aspire to get anywhere.
Faith. Hope.
That’s the only thing that keeps me going sometimes.
That’s my fuel and the only thing I’m running on half the time. 


Advertisement - Baby Dance.



The Last Part

Being the best friend sometimes takes a twist when the word “forever” gets involved. Is “forever” just a word? Or is it something that makes that last part of being BFFs, something totally special.”


We Are by Kari Jobe

We are the light of the world
We are the city on a hill
We are the light of the world
We gotta, we gotta, we gotta let the light shine


Sarah Kay, you inspire me.


Storm by Lifehouse

In all honesty, this is one of the most raw and vulnerable dances I’ve ever done in my life. In short (and almost literally), it was my heart beating on the dance floor.

After every performance of this dance, there was such a heaviness in my spirit and heart, a heaviness that I’ve never felt for any other dances I’ve done. It wasn’t a sad heaviness, or much less of any negative emotion, but a relief that God’s got me.

When I came before God to choreograph this piece to perform at EasterFest, I decided to choreograph a dance of where I was at in my life. And where I was at, wasn’t all that great, but neither was it sunshine cheery. 

It was almost the end of the DTS, and I was struggling and conflicted in my spirit and mind about leaving ‘home’ and returning Home. I grew so familiar with a place that was so unfamiliar, I grew to love a place and its people, whom I was once afraid to love. And the thought of leaving a comfortable space, and returning to a world filled with responsibilities and expectations, I couldn’t help but feel like life was gonna be rough when I hit home’s ground.

I was worried, anxious and petrified of having to make decisions about life when I’m home. And as I danced this dance, every part of me was screaming for the peace of God to overwhelm my anxious heart, and for the knowledge that God is still God no matter what, to comfort and help me understand that everything will be all right when I’m home.

I was afraid to fall when I’m finally back, my nerves were going bonkers with the thought that I might fail or make mistakes. But in God’s amazing love and grace, He showed me that the sphere of His grace covers every sin and failure that I could ever possibly make in my life. All I need to do, is to remain in and receive His grace. And really, everything will be, and has been, all right!

In fact, it has been more than all right, and I’ve found that when we choose to live in the grace of God, life becomes such a joy! Thank You, God. Thank You for showing me how great and awesome You are. Thank You for this dance, and thank You for dancing with me. I love You.


Love grew
Stretched like a trampoline
Love changed
Love disappeared, slowly, like baby teeth
Losing parts of me that I thought I needed
Love vanished like an amateur magician
Everyone could see the trap door but me
Like a flat tire
There were other places that I had planned on going
But my plans didn’t matter
Love stayed away for years
But when love finally reappeared
I barely recognised him
But we found a park bench that fit us perfectly
We found jokes that make us laugh
And now, love makes me fresh homemade chocolatechip cookie
But love would probably finish most of them for a midnight snack

Loves arrives exactly when Love is supposed to


Hi, I’m Amanda Grace and I cannot fully express how the grace of my amazing King has carried me through life. 

Putting this music video together was more than a dream come true. Every since I understood that dance is my form of worship, every time I step into the presence of God and imagine myself dancing, all I see is this - me, dancing on a large open field (kinda like Sound of Music) and the Creator guiding my every step.

As I danced at Plaza De Amars in Peru, Cusco, every time I knelt down on the ground to begin the dance (we had to film it quite a few times), my spirit was just reminded over and over to intercede for the nation. As I stood upon the grounds of Machu Picchu, and realising that I’m dancing on an open field with the most amazing Creator, I was captured in awe and wonder as I interceded for that land too.

Working with my outreach team to see this video come to past has been more than an encouragement to my spirit and heart. It has encouraged me by showing me that when you chase after your dreams and visions, things come to past. Especially when they are dreams and visions that God has placed upon your heart.

I’ve always wanted to do a dance music video, but the lack of resources (videographer, time, manpower, space) just made everything an excuse and I chose not to steward God’s creativity well. 

I thank God that His grace never let me go, though I’ve let Him go so many times. Thank You , Lord, for being an amazing Lover. You’re my Man! Haha.

And Team Peru, you know you mean the world to me! I’ll miss you more than I think I would, haha.


Speechless. This is insane technique! Best duet I’ve ever seen, technique wise.


Wow. What an incredible couple who gave their lives to seeing value in children whom others didn’t see value in!

I think it’s crazy to think that in the same way, our Heavenly Father adopted us, and we are His children.


O Holy God I stay amazed 
You are so much more than words could ever say 
O Holy God I pour out my praise 
On the One who never ceases to amaze 


WOW. Love the interpretation and choreography of this dance, amazing stuff.

Our God is a God of creativity! (: